Born & raised in Hungary, Dia Moeller was not exposed to tattoos from an early age, but she fell in love with the industry & the people in it right away after getting her first tattoo and she’s wanted to be a tattoo artist ever since. A couple of years, a lot of tattoos & a completely unrelated college degree later, she started working at The Painted Bird Tattoo in Medford MA, where she completed a 2 year apprenticeship under many talented artists in that studio. She considers herself lucky that she had so many amazing people influence her from the beginning.

As a custom artist, she truly believes in building a relationship with her clients, because that gives a better understanding of who they are, so she will be able to give them the most flattering tattoos.

Her personal tattoo style includes a really bright color palette, unexpected subject combinations & ornate, organic elements. Right now, Dia is interested in doing medium scale pieces, in either black & gray or color, geometric fine-line designs & portraits.

When she’s not tattooing, Dia likes to paint, cook & spoil her puppy.