Pete Terranova has always had an inclination for the arts. He started by drawing the cartoons on television shows as a young child which developed into charcoal drawing, acrylic and oil painting, sculpting, photography, and digital art. While pursuing a degree in graphic design, Pete became interested in the tattoo industry and started an apprenticeship in his native state – Wisconsin.

Pete has been tattooing for 10 years & has resided in Las Vegas since 2006, but travels all over the United States for tattoo conventions and guest appearances at well respected studios. Pete encourages people to fully research an artist before being tattooed by them to make sure their style matches your ideas. Having a trusting and compatible relationship ensures better quality work and happier clients.

While being well rounded and trained in many different styles, his speciality is black and gray realism. He currently tattoos at Aged In Oak Tattoo Studio in Las Vegas, NV.